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Taiga Coolers

American Made Coolers- Veteran Owned When you need a cooler for base camp, a day trip or a week long extreme mountain excursion, Taiga has what you need. Our lifetime warranty coolers are durable and offer you the only true custom cooler options in the market. Choose you own colors, size, and add your own images to make your cooler yours. The Terra line of coolers is the only cooler on the market using plant based plastics for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Your one stop shop for your custom cooler design. Our custom shop is specifically designed to make it easy for you to add your own lid graphic using any image. Please use images that you own or have permission to use. You may be asked to provide a valid permission to use the image if it is a trademarked or copyrighted image.


Taiga stands apart from the industry in it’s custom offerings, from an innovative branding technology to a variety of color and graphic options. The Texas-based brand not only boasts a patented method of injection molding for logo implementation, but also a consumer experience unique to the cooler market with it’s online Custom Cooler Shop. Shoppers can select from a variety of colors for nearly every part of the cooler. Monochromatic, multi-color, solids and patterns, the options for designing a personalized cooler are not limited to colorways. Taiga’s Custom Cooler Shop also allows for a photo upload that can be made into a UV-protected, vinyl lid graphic. 


Taiga coolers were engineered from the ground up to be superior in strength, durability, and performance. Rigorous testing and research resulted in a design that includes a no-break polypropylene material with the 2-inch thick walls reinforced with gussets and 3 inches of R5 foam insulation for maximum ice retention. Taiga coolers come with a limited lifetime warranty.